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Aerial Cube, Hoop & Trapeze

Aerial Cube, Hoop, & Trapeze recall the circus days of old when beautiful girls would sit high in the big top, suspended in midair like exotic creatures.  Our aerialists recreate those classic poses and add their own modern acrobatic flair.


Aerial Cube - The cube is a unique 3-D apparatus that perfectly showcases our performers both solo and in groups.  Multiple performers on the cube can create a fantasy world in true modern cirque fashion.


Aerial Hoop - The hoop, also called Lyra or Cerceau, spins and can swing to give the audience a very fun and sassy performance.  In particular, the hoop shows off our wonderful performers' flexibility.


Trapeze - Static or Dance trapeze is a classic circus act in which the aerialist uses the bar and supporting ropes to pose, invert (hang upside down), display incredible balance, and drop into amazing positions.

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