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Ground Acts

Our ground acts are more traditional dance acts, but also can include wandering characters who engage and entertain your audience.  They provide an exciting "up close" experience for your guests!


Current Ground Acts

Hoop Dancers - Performers use custom hoops to spin, toss, and create illusions.

Contortion - A beautiful combination of extreme flexibility and dance.


Fire Dancing - Add an element of excitement and primal dance with our fire dancers who use fire "fans" to evoke a far away exotic land.

LED Hoop Dancing - Using special LED Hoops, the dancers are able to create art out of light before your very eyes.


Stilt Walkers - Towering over your guests, our stilt walkers add a surreal and fun mood to any gathering.


Wondering Characters - Costumed characters who interact with your guests and become "moving decorations" to enhance your event.

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