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Q.  Why should we hire aerialists for our event?
A.  Aerialist performances (especially when coupled with our ground performers) make a great impression on your guests.  This can be a once in a lifetime experience for them to see up close!  We help you with all the planning, including visiting your venue to determine what kind of acts are possible in that location.  We can showcase different kinds of performances depending on your budget by varying the number of performers, types, and performance time.  
Tell us your ideas, and let us transform them into reality!

Q.  How expensive is this kind of entertainment?
A.  We can work within many budgets, but hiring an aerialist includes costs such as rigging, unique equipment, set-up and tear-down times before and after your event, and transportation.  Also, aerialists bring a special skill set that requires hours of rehearsal to make your event spectacular.  However, our troupe can still be very affordable because we offer many options.  Feel free to contact us anytime for a quote.

Q.  What is the difference between ambiance acts and choreographed acts?
A.  Ambiance acts are like moving pictures where the performer may stay in the apparatus for a longer time creating poses and three-dimensional art as a background to your event.  Choreographed acts are designed to be the center of attention and entertain your guests.  All acts can reflect the theme of your event.

Q.  What do I need to do to book the RockAngel Cabaret?
A.  Contact us to discuss your event and budget.  We will work with you to develop theme and budget.  We will send you a contract which must be signed and returned with the deposit.  Then you sit back and let us work our magic!


Here a few ideas how we can make your next event even more memorable:

Under the Big Top

Give your guests a night to run off and join the circus!  We will make your carnival theme feel like a real traveling circus!

Happy Holidays

Make any holiday joyous with our specially designed acts.  Whether it is cultural, patriotic, or religious, we will help you honor and elevate the day.

Love is in the Air

Add high flying romance to your special day with our aerial silks and hammock performers.  Ground acts keep the reception lively!

We Mean Business

Make an impression on clients and employees by incorporating exciting acts that highlight trust and skill at your next conference or launch!

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